Welcome, Indie Authors!

You've written and published a book. That's great! But now the questions on many authors' minds are, "How do I get reviews for my book?" "How can I get people to hear about my book?" or "How can I get my book noticed?"

Let us help you.

We are a group of dedicated, passionate readers/reviewers who have one goal in mind: to read great books by unknown authors and get the word out! We have been doing this since 2011 and have helped hundreds of authors with great success! 

Please flip through our pages for more information about who we are, what we do, and how we can help get your book the recognition and attention it deserves. Let's face it-- indie authors have an uphill climb as far as marketing and publicity is concerned. And wouldn't you rather be spending your precious time working on your next bestseller and not sending out tweets begging strangers to buy your book? Let us do it for you!

Please look through our site and see if we can help you. If you have any questions at all or are unclear of anything, we can be reached at indiebookreviewers@gmail.com (attn: Sophia).

recent raves from happy clients:

I definitely noticed an uptick in sales after having my book reviewed by Indie Book Reviewers. I even started to get more positive reviews and my blog stats have nearly tripled. I was very happy with my results and am thankful to the wonderful reviewers!” (Hannah- historical romance)

“…What I like the best was the fact that I could tell that the reviewers really read and “got” my book. They didn’t just give some worthless two sentence generic blurb, but a thoughtful critique that showed strengths and weaknesses. I appreciate this because it is clear these are “real” reviews, not like the obvious fakes that are floating around everywhere.”  (J.T. – crime thriller)

Before using Indie Book Reviewers I was selling maybe 1-2 copies a week. And after being on Amazon for almost six months, my book had only gotten one other review. I’d tried Facebook, twitter…nothing was working.  But after getting my reviews from I.B.R and having my wonderful reviewers tweet about my book to their thousands of followers I’m happy to report that my book sells about 5-10 a DAY now. I know I’m not Amanda Hocking yet but it’s a huge improvement over what I was seeing before. I’ll take it! Thanks again, Indie Book Reviewers. I’ll definitely use you guys again for my next project!” (Jennifer – YA paranormal romance)