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Q. How much does it cost?
A. We keep it very affordable for the Indie author. Kirkus Reviews (which mean very little to the average reader) charges $425-$575 for a review. One review. We have found that potential buyers tend to trust other like minded readers when it comes to buying books, not what the "big reviewing companies" all say.  Right now we are offering a book purchase (up to $2.99), written reviews, and minimum of 5 tweets to thousands of followers for only $30.00 per reviewer. (*Books over 100k are $40 each. Message us about books that are over 150k words).

There is a 4 reviewer minimum, and a 30 maximum. So your review package will be anywhere from $120.00-$900.00 total. We are very flexible in taking payments, as we don't want money to stop you from being able to promote your book. Speak with your project liaison if you need help in this regard. We all know the old adage "it takes money to make money..." think of all the potential sales you are missing out on if no one knows about your book. Let us help!

Q. If I start small (say I only want 4 at first), can I add on more later?
A. Yes, but you will have to wait for a new group to read your book. 

Q. What if I get a bad review?
A. You reserve the right to have any review written by your readers to be made "private", meaning it will never be posted anywhere if that is your wish.

Q. So am I essentially "buying" good reviews?
A. No. In fact, you aren't "buying" reviews at all. Our reviewers aren't being paid for reading your book and writing a review... while they do receive small compensation for their time, the vast majority of the money goes back into advertising so we can reach and serve as many authors as possible. And that isn't cheap!

Q. Why charge at all? If you guys love reading so much, why not do it for free?

A. We started off that way...and our group grew bigger and bigger and more work was involved and the requests were nearly drowning us. We decided the smartest thing to do would be to attach a very nominal fee to the service, that way we only get serious authors who are passionate about their careers and serious about their marketing. Our time and resources are valuable. And we are offering them for a steal because we do love reading and Indie authors! Plus this way we can advertise (on Google, Yahoo, and other sites) and reach more authors who otherwise might not know where to go for help.

Q. What genres do you do? Any that you don't do?
A. Great question! We have a lot of readers/reviewers in our group. Between all of them, there's someone for almost everything. The exception would be anything that is horrifically objectionable to a reasonable person (I don't think we have to spell it out for you). Ask your project liaison for details.

Q. How quickly can I expect to see increased sales from my reviews?
A. We can't answer that, or make any promises that you will. No one can promise that, and if they do, run. Ultimately it is up to readers to decide what speaks to them and what doesn't. But we all know the power of reviews and word of mouth when looking to buy something. 

Q. Do you work with authors outside the US? 
A. Yes, we work with authors in the UK and Canada all the time.

Q. Okay, I want to get started. what do I do?
A. send an email to us at indiebookreviewers@gmail.com. Please put "REVIEW PROJECT" in the subject line. Also include the following details: your name, your book's name and genre, the link to Amazon where we can read the synopsis and opening sample, the length of the book (how many words approx), and how many readers/reviewers you want (4-30)

A project liaison will review your info, and match up the best reviewers for your project. They will then contact you with an expected time frame and go over the final details. If it is something you want to do, at that time a deposit equal to half of your invoice is due and payable through PayPal or SquareUp processing companies.

The readers will then purchase your book and begin reading. When they have written their reviews you will be emailed them before they go live. On your approval the reviews are then posted, and final payment is due at this time. After the reviews are all posted, each reader will tweet about your book and the review at least 5x. 

Q. What if my book costs more than $2.99?
A. Then please add on the difference, multiplied by the number of readers to your total.

Q. How do I know you guys are legit? Do you have references?
A. Unfortunately, we do not release the names of any of our authors we have worked with. But we have many, many happy and satisfied authors. Several have returned to us for more reviews, and to do more of their books. But if you have any concerns or questions please email me (Sophia) at the email addy above. Using PayPal and Square also offers you some protection as a consumer, and as mentioned, you don't pay the remaining balance until you have seen and signed off on your reviews. And we have been around for almost 5 years and worked with hundreds of very happy authors. We hope you're next!

We can promise you that we will buy, read, review, and tweet your book. We can't promise you that your book will skyrocket to the bestsellers list.

...But we can all try to make it happen :-)

 Contact Sophia at IndieBookReviewers@gmail.com OR use the contact form on the right

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