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***Now offering professional editing and beta reading services***

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We know how hard it can be to get unbiased and helpful feedback on your book prior to publication, and maybe you don’t want your first form of feedback to be from reviewers. We have a former literary agent, a professional editor, and 2 former literary interns in our reading group. They are available to not only read and critique your work prior (or even after) publication, but do so at very affordable prices to fit all budgets. 

***Right now, we are offering to edit/beta/critique your first 5 pages (TNR 12pt, double-spaced) absolutely FREE and with zero obligation! This is a limited time offer only, so don't miss out!***  Write me (Sophia) indiebookreviewers@gmail.com for more details.

This biggest criticism about self-published books is the poor editing…let us take care of that problem for you! Our editor has very affordable rates for every budget, a fast turnaround time, and comes with glowing recommendations.

It should be noted that this service is entirely separate from the reviews service. Any questions on this please ask me.

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