What We Do

What we do
It’s simple, really. You determine how many reviewers you wish to recruit (4 minimum, 30 max at current time…this number may be increased in the future).  They each buy an e-copy of your book. They read it, review it, and promote/tweet about it.

The longer version—each reader will purchase a copy of your book from Amazon, B&N, or Smashwords, depending on what reading device the reviewer uses (it is usually Amazon). This also helps in your book's rankings.

After reading your book ( usually within 3-7 weeks, depending on genre, book length, how busy the readers are, etc…these details will be worked out with your project liaison), each reviewer will write out a detailed, thoughtful and constructive review (100-250 words). These reviews will be posted on Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, (you must provide the reviewer with a coupon), Kobo, LibraryThing, iTunes (Apple), Google Books, and any other site that allows us to leave reviews. 

**We also have a RUSH service with guaranteed completion within 10 business days.**

IN ADDITION, your book (and its review) will be tweeted about at least 5x from each reviewer to his or her followers with the links to Amazon. All of our reviewers have a minimum of 1500 followers (most have many, many more…our top guy has 100k+) and are all related to the reading writing industry (such as other writers, readers, bloggers, etc…). Because let’s face it. You singing the praises of your own book can come across as amateurish and possibly annoying. The trick is to get OTHERS to sing your books praises to thousands of people…And not just any people…the right people!

The reviews are then yours to use as you please. Many authors put them on their website and use as promotional materials. Some add them to the opening pages of their books as "blurbs". Others add them to their books product page on Barnes&Noble and Amazon. The reviews are yours to do with as want, whole or in part. 

 Contact Sophia at IndieBookReviewers@gmail.com OR use the contact form on the right 

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