Why use us?

There are several different ways you can go about trying to get reviews, but it can be a long, frustrating, and oftentimes disappointing experience. One way is to send free copies of your book to bloggers in the hope that they will eventually read it and write a blurb on their site. While this sounds nice, in reality most book bloggers are FLOODED with requests for reviews (as are we), and there are usually only 1 or 2 people running the blog (true, some have a few more). And although they may write a review on their own site, most don’t leave their reviews on other review sites. To be fair, some do. But again, that is only 1 review, and most book bloggers only have a few hundred people (if that) ever looking at their site. And your book may be front and center for a moment, but a few weeks or months or years from now how visible will it be? Our reviews will stay on the book selling site for as long as your book is listed there for sale, if you so desire. And you get more than 1 review. You will at minimum receive 4, and at the max 30 (this limit may be increased in the future). Why hit one bird with one stone when you can hit 30 birds with one?

And having a book blogger review your book is nice (nothing to stop you from doing that as well... we encourage it!) but many times the wait can be several weeks to several months, if ever at all. With Indie Book Reviewers you will get a set time from project liaison who will go over the details with you, your book, and match you with the best reviewers. Depending on your wants, we tailor a reader/reviewer group to fit your needs.  Historically, review time can range anywhere from 48 hours, up to six weeks. We strive to have all done within a month, but sometimes, depending on the type of book you have and what reviewers are available, the wait can be shorter or a bit longer. Your liaison will coordinate the dates with you upon project launch.

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